When Life Hands You Lemons…



We love all the meaningful ways our travelers find to make a positive difference in this world. Annie Laszlo is a shining example of this generosity of spirit. Since joining the CX traveler community four years ago, she’s gone from a welcome addition to a bedrock member, contributing her unbridled enthusiasm and heartfelt generosity in equal measure. We’re always grateful for Annie’s participation in our projects, in particular when she lent us a big helping hand in the creation of our 2013 recipe calendar,  So we were of course very excited when Annie signed up to join us on our 10th Anniversary trip to Oaxaca, Mexico this past March.

DSC03833_NEWAlas, due to a double-whammy of unforeseen circumstances, Annie could not make this trip. However, instead of focusing on her own loss, Annie spent hours kitting adorable scarves which she asked be donated to children in Oaxaca who would most benefit from them. Well Annie, here are the three grateful recipients!

Meet Estefania (7 years), Joaquín (5 years) and Gabriel (7 years). They are originally from the Sierra Norte (also known as the Sierra Juarez). When they visit their home village it gets very cold, so these cozy scarves will get lots of good use!

Their mom Eva works in a clothing shop in the Flower Market run by her uncle and they also have a shoe repair shop. It is from the shoe repair shop where our friend and local CX facilitator Pati knows the children and their family.

We hope these photos bring a big smile to your day, just as your unexpected and generous gift brought a smile to these wonderful kids in Oaxaca!

Thank you!

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