Explore Chile on an immersive, off-the-beaten-path adventure from the fjords and farms of magical Chiloé to the bucolic parks and bustling produce markets of cosmopolitan Santiago. Food in its broadest sense will be our narrative thread and North Star, guiding us to farmers, foragers, fishermen, chefs, and winemakers, each of whom gives us insights and access rarely offered to the casual visitor. 

Hike through the mindblowing natural landscapes of Chiloé Island. Gather, cook and eat a communal lunch with a local farm family. Enjoy the warm home-hosted hospitality and sublime smokehouse flavors of a remarkable husband and wife chef team. Visit stunning UNESCO World Heritage wooden churches that evoke Chiloé shipbuilding heritage. Cruise majestic inland fjords aboard a handmade wooden yacht — and for the truly adventurous, from the seat of a kayak. Observe penguins up close at the protected reserve of Puñihuil. Reflect upon striking installation art after a vigorous hike to what appears to be the world’s edge. Perhaps not surprisingly,  this is also the birthplace of innumerable myths and legends.

Discover Santiago’s most colorful neighborhoods on foot and via the bike paths and parks that make this capital city eminently manageable. Delve into the city’s central market with one of Latin America’s best chefs as your guide, before returning to her bistro for a culinary demonstration and sumptuous lunch, weather permitting, on the bright sidewalk terrace. Take a trip to the poetic port of Valparaiso and stop to sip and savor at a family run organic vineyard in Chile’s Casablanca Valley.

Celebrate with a meal to remember at one of Latin America’s best restaurants and because you’re part of the Culture Xplorers family, the restaurant’s captain will take you up the back stairs and into the secretive test kitchen, one of the world’s most creative culinary laboratories.


Forage alongside family farmers near Ancud. Kayak the inland channels of Chiloé Island. Walk Chiloé’s wild west coast, from windswept beaches to native forests to soaring green bluffs overlooking the vast Pacific. Bike through Santiago’s leafy parks and colorful neighborhoods.

Cozy up in the private rural cabin of a maverick husband and wife chef team on Chiloé. The intoxicating aromas of spit-roasted rabbit, duck and the catch of the day only feet away from where they were raised give this tip-to-tail outpost with its own traditional smokehouse an unparalleled sense of place.

Discover Santiago’s history of social and economic evolution as written in its buildings and neighborhoods through the eyes of a Santiago-based architect. Break bread over a home-hosted dinner on Chiloé Island.

Join one of Latin America’s top chefs to shop for produce at Santiago’s La Vega market, then back to her bistro kitchen for an intimate cooking demonstration and relaxed lunch on the terrace. Experience the world-view of Chile’s leading food ambassadors at the forefront of a new generation of Latin American gastronomy.


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