Photo Contest 2012 – Zach McDuffie

By February 12, 2013Photo Contest
  • “O Gaucho”
  • LOCATION: Border of Brazil & Uruguay, 2011
  • STORY: This is a photo from the most remote trip I’ve taken to the border of Brazil and Uruguay, for a festival called Semana Faropilha, the largest gathering of gauchos every year. It was like stepping out of a time machine into the wild west era, except gauchos dress like a mix of cowboy and pirate. It was so rare for an American photographer to be there that they interviewed me on the farm radio and for the newspaper, and I was guest of honor at several of the gatherings I went to. This photo was taken of a gaucho at one of the parties. After taking the picture I joined him for a beer and he told me all about his gaucho life. .

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