Join us in our mission to empower local peoples in communities world-wide and sustain their living traditions through education, economic incentives, and cross cultural partnerships.

Culture Xplorers (CX) Foundation appreciates gifts of any size. All administrative costs are sponsored by private Bedrock Benefactors (including Culture Xplorers, LLC) allowing 100% of your donation to go directly to our positive impact projects.

Ways to help include:

    • Monthly Giving
    • One Time Giving
    • Gift Cards
    • Fundraising
    • Corporate Sponsors
    • Wills & Bequests


CX Foundation MemberConnect More Deeply Through Monthly Giving

  • Be a partner, not a donor. Forming long-term partnerships is paramount to the CX Foundation. Our sustaining members allow us to invest with more assurance of continued collaboration.
  • Receive insider Insights. Receive updates from our director, who shares success stories, progress reports on groundbreaking projects and other community news.
  • Contribute hassle free. When you become a sustaining member, your monthly gift will be automatically deducted from your account — no checks to write, no calendar to consult, no worries!
  • Remain Flexible. If for any reason you wish to increase, decrease or suspend your gifts, just contact the Culture Xplorers Foundation and we will gladly accommodate your wishes.
  • Engine of Efficiency. Automatic monthly payments means less paperwork and administration for the foundation, which in turn means more funds go directly to our positive impact projects.

Count me in! Monthly plans offered:



Make a donation of $10 or more and you’ll be listed on our Honorary Recognition Wall. Check/money orders are also accepted: Please make checks payable to Culture Xplorers Foundation and send to 6001 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64113 or contact us here.


Send a give the gift of giving! CX Foundation Positive Impact Cards are perfect for birthdays, weddings or any special occasion. Cards can be downloaded, or emailed to your recipient directly from the our CX Foundation. Please contact us for ordering information.

CX Foundation Gift Card

Change The World: If you make a difference to one, then you make a difference in the world.

A donation has been made on your behalf to the Culture Xplorers Foundation.This donation will support ongoing efforts to empower local peoples in communities world-wide and sustain their living traditions through education, economic incentives, and cross cultural partnerships. (OPTIONAL PERSONAL MESSAGE)



Isn’t it easier to just pop a check in the mail, or donate online? Well, yes, it probably is – and by all means feel free to do just that! But fundraisers want to go the extra mile. To give their time rather than just their money, so that others are also inspired to give. Fundraisers enjoy the fun of teaming up with friends or colleagues, the satisfaction of seeing lives transformed by the money raised and the buzz of getting the whole community involved.  Are you interested in fundraising for CX Foundation? You can host a small or large fundraiser, anywhere in the world, it all helps! Ideas include a dinner party, car wash, trivia night, fun run or walk, morning tea, BBQ, raffle, collection tin at work, or you can even Pledge Your Birthday!!



CX Foundation Birthday PledgeIs there a particular CX Foundation project that you would like to help fund? Fundraising comes in all shapes and sizes. One effective way to fundraise is to ask for donations in lieu of your upcoming birthday gifts. This idea can be applied to any various other gift giving events, but your birthday is one of the most sentimental and is bound to tug at your network’s heart strings. The personal connection and selfless sacrifice of one’s birthday is a great way to give back.

The Details:

It’s best to start fundraising a few months prior to your birthday to get the ball rolling. First and foremost, give your Culture Xplorers Foundation fundraising page a catchy title, Include your reason for pledging your birthday and even a photo. Once your page is up and running, email a link to your friends and family, inviting them to donate to your page. Don’t forget to reach out to your social media network as well. Keep your donors updated about your fundraising total up until the big day and then do one last push. Of course, don’t forget to say thank you to all your donors. And don’t worry about any donations you receive in person. Simply email us and we will input all your offline donations to be included into your fundraising page total.

Give up your birthday and start fundraising today!


By making a will bequest to the CX Foundation, you can feel the pride of knowing you did something extraordinary and rest assured that the legacy behind you is one of generosity. Your donation is guaranteed to help fund the CX Foundation philanthropic projects. It is is a powerful way to make a lasting difference to the lives of future generations.

Please contact the CX Foundation for more information.


Corporate and organizational sponsorship provide vital support CX Foundation. In addition to furthering our mission, corporate support provides your company with visible involvement in our global community. Your partnership with us is greatly appreciated, and we are happy to personalize our recognition of your contributions to best meet your corporate vision.

Please contact the CX Foundation for more information.