Whether choosing a Tailor Made Trip, a Small Group Departure or one of our Founders Journeys, these three traits are at the heart of Culture Xplorers’ philosophy & style of travel.

We craft culturally immersive journeys from the ground up to provide clients unsurpassed access into the local culture. Along the way, we share insights, conversation, food and laughter with hosts and invited guests such as: artists and curators, headmasters and healers, farmers and chefs, weavers and winemakers, musicians and mask-makers, archaeologists and anthropologists.

Just over half our travelers choose to join one of our small group departures. These journeys incorporate many of the signature experiences found on our tailor made trips: active & engaged, a farm-to-fork focus, unsurpassed access, and charming lodges brimming with local character. With a fixed, small group departure, we can also offer:


The countries and regions we visit are renowned for their vibrant festivals. Culture Xplorers’ travelers are not only exposed to the vibrant atmosphere of these colorful celebrations on many of our small group departures, and whenever appropriate, we also fully participate, often accompanied by local hosts and friends.

And while experiencing the lively atmosphere of a deeply-rooted fiesta is often a trip highlight in itself, it also adds a dynamic layer of cultural context about a region’s legends, history, religious practices, social structures and even politics.


We find connections and friendships often form on Culture Xplorers’ trips, not only between our travelers and our local hosts, guides and guests, but also between fellow travelers on our small group departures.

After all, our travelers share many interests: they are lifelong learners, passionate about the world’s rich diversity of living cultures and traditions and seekers of understanding, along with adventure.

And with a maximum of only 10 to 12 travelers per departure, and an average of only 8, it is hardly fair to call these ‘group’ departures at all! Perhaps we need to come up with a new definition for this intimate style of accompanied journey. Any suggestions? Closely Acquainted Departures? Friendly & Familiar Departures?


By sharing certain fixed costs between 4 or more travelers, such as private ground transport, our CX trip leader and our specialist guides, Culture Xplorers’ small group departures offer unbeatable value for the experience.