Whether choosing a Tailor Made Trip, a Small Group Departure or one of our annual Founders Journeys, these three traits are at the heart of Culture Xplorers’ philosophy & style of travel.

We craft culturally immersive journeys from the ground up to provide clients unsurpassed access into the local culture. Along the way, we share insights, conversation, food and laughter with hosts and invited guests such as: artists and curators, headmasters and healers, farmers and chefs, weavers and winemakers, musicians and mask-makers, archaeologists and anthropologists.

For years, members of our growing Culture Xplorers community have asked “where next”? Now, travelers on our Founder’s Journeys are the first to find out. These annual expeditions invite intrepid travelers on a first-of-their-kind adventure to a brand new CX destination or to traverse wholly new routes and experiences in a favorite CX destination.


While each new CX destination is exhaustively researched & personally scouted in advance by both Jim Kane and our locally-based teams, the sense of discovery and unedited exploration for those who venture onto our Founders Journeys is truly exhilarating.


These are an un-rivalled opportunity for veteran CX’s to reunite with friends they’ve made on other journeys, including CX founder Jim Kane, who will host & accompany each Founders Journey.

Founders Journeys are made available first to veteran CX’s. So, in addition to being culturally curious, gastronomically adventurous, eager to engage with local people & to participate in local traditions, you know from the moment you sign-up for a Founders Journey that you’ll share at least one additional trait with your fellow sojourners – a great experience on a prior CX trip!


As we slowly & thoughtfully expand the CX experience to new countries and new regions within our current destination portfolio, we remain keenly aware that one of the great qualities of our trips comes from the strength & depth of our local relationships.

That’s why we begin nurturing local contacts & building strong relationships on the ground long before our first journey begins, oftentimes for years. Our reputation as a leader in sustainable travel & the innovative work of the Culture Xplorers Foundation also helps to open many doors to fun & meaningful local experiences that remain closed to others.