CX Globetrotters Julian & Phoebe Chen from Culture Xplorers on Vimeo.

Since Julian & Phoebe Chen found Culture Xplorers in 2010, they’ve become two of our most avid Xplorers. This March, they achieved a wonderful milestone — having experienced all seven of our destinations in record time! In appreciation, we created this short (1 minute) video highlighting some of their travel memories with Culture Xplorers. Thank you, Julian & Phoebe!

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More Testimonials

“I have taken cooking classes all over the world, including a class with Jacque Pepin, Pio was by far my favorite class. From his enthusiastic tour of his gardens to his opening on the foods of his youth this class couldn’t have been more pleasant…A+++++++” – Trisha F.

“My experience with Culture Xplorers changed the way I will travel. I came away from this trip with more meaning and substance than any other.” – Wendy T.

“I always feel a touch of sadness when the sun sets on an experience as special as this. I leave filled to the brim with new experiences and new understanding.” Gale L.

“Rare glimpses into local customs that I can’t imagine finding elsewhere…Best tour I’ve ever taken”. – Dr. Kathy M.

“Unlike solo travel, Culture Xplorers allows the traveler to enter the culture much more rapidly. The access that one has with people is invaluable!” – Kyle H.

“Maybe my top 2 week trip ever! Peru touched my soul and I know that was only possible because of Daniel and Culture Xplorers.” – Jason H.

“A wonderful two weeks – every minute was packed full. We saw and experienced and learned more than I could by myself. Culture Xplorers provided a really fabulous opportunity to visit an interesting country in a safe and personal environment. I loved all the diversity of experiences.” – Suzanne M.

“Beyond belief! I love to travel in order to actually see how other people live their lives, take care of their families, make a living, and to learn what kind of outlook and beliefs others have of the world and their own experiences. For these purposes the trip was perfect, we saw the main highpoints that everyone should see while also being given time and wonderful guidance to learn more about the real people who live there.” – Hannah L.

“It was great – surpassed our expectations. Even people who don’t usually like tour groups (my husband) will like this…It was the expertise of Culture Xplorers that made the trip so much better than a) traveling alone or b) going on a tour with a large group and only mediocre guides. Culture Xplorers was superb.” – Donna A.

“Just wonderful. This is a truly unique way to travel with a small, diverse group. The trip is exceptionally well organized – no touristy feel here ever. Very friendly, well informed guides, helpful drivers, beautiful accommodations, great food, countless genuine experiences and encounters with local people and festivals. Don’t hesitate, just go and enjoy. I hope to be there again some day.” – Sylvia G.

“Excellent; great people, small group, personal attention…a very unique and extremely satisfying experience.” – Jim H.

If I could only take one trip in my lifetime, I would take it with Culture Xplorers!” – Ben G.

“Unbelievable – fantastic – amazing – an immersion into the culture of Peru…It was great! It is difficult trying to explain how good the trip was to my friends here in Texas – one would have to have been there to realize the subtleties that made the trip such a success.” – Bill W.

A carefully crafted tour & series of experiences I felt blessed to have had: an experience that made it easy and inevitable that I would fall in love w/ Peru & her people & landscapes & history. You have great people involved from beginning to end – indeed a “trip of a lifetime.” – Claire S.

“Fantastic, superb – other travel experiences pale when compared to this trip to Peru.” – Lee S.

“Each day of the trip was as good or better than the previous, not only because of the beauty of the country and the warmth of the people, but because of Culture Xplorers’ fastidious pre-planning and attention to detail throughout the trip! We cannot say enough about how pleased we were with this trip!” – Schele M.

“Excellent – is the only way to describe it. Never to be forgotten experience – I fell in love with Peru.” – Barbara O.

“It was a great trip. The people in the group were fun and the guides, Daniel and Fredy, were great. The cultural aspect of the trip was really nice and a unique experience.” Joan B.

“Stories that will last forever! Extremely well organized – all the necessary connections worked! Exceptional guides. Great exposure to cultures and people of Peru.” – Steve S.

“Superb! Excellent! Very thoroughly and carefully planned. Responsible and thoughtful guiding. You stood by your plan and promises…Apart from that, it was the interaction with the people of Peru and their culture that made this trip so successful and memorable.” – Kristjan S.

“Truly the trip of a lifetime. Great people, sights, food, exercise. Even great weather!” – Carolyn S.

“Pam, Garrett and I have now returned safely home from a wonderful Peru trip. Daniel was a great guide who offered very personal and professional attention to the entire group. As you promised, it was a truly immersive experience that was certainly life changing.” – Earl C.

“Fantastic! A wonderful experience; I love Mexico and her people. We saw people and places I certainly would not have seen otherwise.” – Betsy S.

“Culture Xplorers opened my eyes to the people and culture of Mexico. I had been to Mexico several times before but didn’t learn half as much as I did on this trip.” – Sue L.

Jim was so incredibly organized and attentive to all the needs of the group. His vast travel experience and valuable contacts in Chiapas made the trip the absolute best. Hoping for an educational experience, the trip far exceeded my expectations. Our accompanying guide/historian, Roberto, was incredibly knowledgeable in contemporary and ancient history as well as local customs. Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the weaving demonstrations and local contacts arranged for us. “Thank you. Definitely one of the best trips I’ve ever taken!” – Shelly O.

“Fabulous trip. Jim is amazing. I’ve travelled w/ many groups, his group – the best!” Lois B.

Jim Kane was sensitive to the varying needs of each member of our group. The itinerary was filled with exceptional opportunities to get close to the culture of Chiapas and off the beaten track experiences.. He, Roberto Murphy, and the other local hosts were very well informed and answered all our questions. The living Maya and the archaeological sites were truly a ‘trip of a lifetime’. I would recommend this trip highly.” – Jane M.

“Awesome! I can’t wait to go back. I had the most fantastic time. The trip was well planned and a far cry from ‘touristy’. We truly delved into the culture and experienced it first-hand. I learned so much and fell in love with the people, the country and the culture.” – Sara H.

“I found the approach Culture Xplorers takes to group travel to be quite thoughtful, knowledgeable, and sensitive to the people we visited. I saw things I never could have expected, visited places I would’ve never thought to visit on my own, and made friends that I’ll always cherish. It was an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life.” – Jonathan M.

“We were completely happy and satisfied with every detail…This was a way to delve into Mexican culture that our previous trips didn’t do.” – Howard and Claire R.

“SUPERB. I’m still raving about it to whoever will listen…This was an absolutely marvelous trip. Your attention to detailed planning plus the expertise of guides Ana and Roberto made every day a wonder. There could not have been a better group with which to experience Mexico.” – RoseAnne G.

“Excellent, excellent, excellent!!! We really enjoy the kind of travel where we get an inside look at local life as opposed to being simply “tourists”. We thank you for the care and attention taken to developing an itinerary that introduces Mexican culture in such a memorable way.” – Iain S.

“Unique experience First Class. Enjoyed it so much I plan to return to El Salvador & Guatemala.” – Lee S.

“Another wonderful and unique travel experience with Culture Xplorers.” – Sylvia G.

“What can I say!! The whole experience was absolutely incredible and I am still flying high after such a wonderful vacation. The trip was fabulous because we were involved in everyday life and related events which, at least for me, gave me a different perspective of the country. Being able to talk to the people who are the mainstay of the country and going into their homes and the pride that they showed was wonderful. I think the variety of activities that you provided was extremely beneficial. I found out more about Guatemala in the 10 days than I could have ever imagined. I particularly enjoyed the hands-on experiences and all of the activities that were provided and when I have told people about them upon my return they are fascinated by what I saw and did during those 10 days.” – Cheryl R.

“The trip was a peak experience. Everything was extremely well planned to give us the widest range of activities for maximum understanding of the culture we were exploring.” – Jane O

“Terrific. I certainly would recommend Culture Xplorers…Thank you for arranging such a terrific trip for us. It could not have been better.” – Barbara D.

“Excellent. This was truly a unique experience spending time and interacting with cultures that most people don’t even know exist.” – Ira D.

“Great experience! I am glad and thankful to have joined Culture Xplorers.” – Gerlinde G.

“Fabulous! After traveling with Culture Xplorers on two trips, I firmly believe that this is the only way to travel!” – Connie K.